Phone Cord

Amey phone cords

Shop your amey telephone cord here; With this phone case you will never lose your phone again.

Choose your favorite color for your iPhone or Samsung. A corded phone case is perfect for traveling. Never miss that important phone call or that unique photo opportunity that you want to capture forever. You always have your phone closeby with the amey telephone cord.
The cord is adjustable, so you can wear your phone the way you like. The different colors and cases fit most iPhone and Samsumg models. Hang the cord around your neck or crossbody around your shoulder. 
Don’t feel like taking your bag with you all the time? No problem, the amey telephone cord is all you need!

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Eyewear cords

Amey eyewear cords

Do you ever lose your sunglasses? And I don’t mean that he’s on top of your head. I mean that you come home from a party, a nice drinks with friends or just a day at work and can’t find them anywhere? With the cheerful eyewear cords from amey you keep your sunglasses close to you! Unisex, for women and men. And fun for your kids too!

Hip, trendy and easy at the same time! Get your favorite amey sunglasses cord here!


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